Friday, January 8, 2016

January 2016 Dream In Color Club Review

Hi, guys! Today I wanted to show you this month’s Dream in Color Dream Club colorway and pattern. If you are unfamiliar with what a yarn club is here’s a brief run-down: Usually a monthly yarn club will include yarn, a pattern and sometimes an additional bonus item (like stitch markers, a bag, or other knitting goodies). Depending on the club you join, there might be an additional bonus like that the yarn/pattern is an exclusive for club members only. The Dream in Color Club is one that I’ve participated in off and on for a few years now (whenever my local yarn shop has offered sign-ups). I really like getting surprise yarns each month from a yarn company that I love because even if the corresponding pattern isn’t one that I’m particularly keen on, I know that I’m going to love the yarn.

This month was a wonderful surprise because the yarn base is my absolute favorite Dream in Color base: Jilly with Cashmere. It’s a beautiful Merino/Cashmere/Nylon blend that knits up into a squishy, delicious fabric that makes for great accessories (especially ones that will be wrapped around your face/neck). The color artists at DiC really out-did themselves this round with stormy shades of denim blue, grey, black and some undyed sections peeking through. Everyone at Athena’s (my LYS) was drooling over the skeins when they arrived and people who didn’t sign up for the club this round were wishing that they had.

From their Ravelry page: “Jilly with Cashmere is luxuriously sumptuous and soft! The colors come to life. Every stitch knitted with Jilly with Cashmere is a dream, making only the most magnificent of accessories and garments.”

Photo credit to Dream in Color Yarn

The pattern that came in this month’s kit is “Blue Jean Boheme” by: Kalurah Hudson. “These fingerless mitts feature a unique Estonian elongated stitch that travels down the center of your hand. The gorgeous blues in the variegated Jilly with Cashmere lend to the vintage blue jean feel of these pretty gloves. Knit in the round in garter stitch, these will fit a wide range of hand sizes. The tubular cast on and bind off allow for plenty of stretch. The striking thumb gusset is created with slipped stitches that frame the increases.” (from the pattern description on Ravelry.)

I don’t always knit the patterns that come with the club kits, but I’ve been wanting to make some fingerless gloves lately and this pattern incorporates a few techniques that I haven’t tried before so I’m going to give them a shot. Plus, I’m impressed that they included a pattern for a kerchief. Usually you see fingerless gloves paired with hats or scarves/cowls so this is a refreshing change from the norm and the subtle stitch pattern combined with the hand-dyed yarn makes for a super cute accessory set! 

Are any of you in the Dream in Color club? Are you going to be knitting the pattern that came with it or do you have other plans for this amazing yarn? Let me know in the comments what you think of this month’s club kit and what you’ll be using it for. Have a great week guys! See you next Wednesday.  ^_^

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