Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Completed Project: Shawl Vest

My completed, stress relieving Shawl Vest

This week I'm doing a bit of a flashback to last fall when I started a Shawl Vest by StevenBe during a day of classes with the Stev(ph)ens but before the Booty Short Design Contest Fashion Show (check my Instagram Feed if you missed the Booty Short action). The weeks leading up to this were extremely stressful because I was trying to get a few patterns completed while still learning my new(ish) position as Cafe Manager at Barnes & Noble. So when I bound off the Brioche Booty shorts that I was making, I just wanted a simple, squishy project on larger needles that I could whip through for some instant gratification.

Most people would reach for a basic hat or a pair of vanilla socks, but I had bought these 5 colors of Sun Valley Fibers the last time that I was at StevenBe and knew that I needed to use them double and all together in a project. The Shawl Vest pattern was one that I had my eye on since the first class that I took with the Stev(ph)ens last February because I love the drama that it creates and the simplicity of the design. I chose to hold an intensely contrasting color of mohair along with the fingering weight yarn because it gave a beautiful, almost iridescent look to the finished seed-stitch fabric.

I've gotten so many compliments everytime that I wear this vest and I can't even tell you how much I love the way it fits and feels on. The yarns were beautiful to work with and even my little boy loves rubbing the finished vest on his face (haha, I'm raising him right. He keeps trying to steal the mini-balls of leftovers, too!)

Have a great week, guys and have fun with your crafting!! 

Shaina ^_^

Both photos were taken by my lovely sister, DoeDeer Photography. Check out her stuff, she's amazing!!

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