Friday, August 29, 2014

Stash Clean-Up

Schachenmayr Regia Fluormania Color - Neon Rainbow

I've been going through my stash the last few weeks and have come to the realization that my yarn has outgrown my current method of organization. (Basicly, I bring it home, it sits on the kitchen counter for a few weeks so I can admire and pet it from time to time. Then, once Dan has complained about it's presence enough, I move it to one of the bags in the basement.)

Zwerger Garn Opal Regenwald / Rainforest - 7470 Fiona Die Geigerin

So, I'm going to be working on photographing my yarn collection and updating my stash on Ravelry. Hopefully, this will make it easy to actually use my beauties before I fall out of love with them.

Cascade Yarns Forest Hills (Solid Colors) - 11 Bijou Blue

These are some of my more recent acquisitions and I'm still itching to cast on with them, but I've got a ton of WIPs right now. I think that once I finish my poncho for North Counrty, I'm gonna cast-on a vanilla ankle sock in my Opal because it's been far too long since I made myself some new socks and I just love the colors in that one!

What projects/yarns are you just bursting to knit or crochet right now? Why haven't you cast-on yet?