Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New Pattern: Color Shift Brioche Cowl

Do you ever have those days when everything just comes together? All week long I've felt like I'm just one step behind where I need to be and just when I think that I'm getting my feet under me, something else happens to set me back again. Today broke that trend and I'm happy to announce the release of a new pattern: the Color Shift Brioche Cowl!

I've been working on this one since last fall when I was planning my Beginning Brioche Knitting class, but I kept getting distracted by all sorts of things and this poor cowl kept ending up at the bottom of the project pile. It's such a quick knit, I don't know why I didn't just knock it out. This morning when I picked it up, I only had one row left to knit before binding off, seaming, washing and blocking it. That quick finish was just the push that I needed to get the pattern written, pictures taken, and the submission to Ravelry and Love Knittng completed.

This quick project teaches you the basis of 1x1 Brioche Ribbing while keeping things interesting by incorporating some easy color striping techniques.. Brioche Rib is a fun technique that creates a super squishy fabric that is great for items that you want to snuggle into. The Color Shift Brioche Cowl uses a yarn with a long color repeat (Knitpicks Chroma Worsted) and a neutral heathered yarn (Rowan Creative Focus Worsted), but you can use yarns with more contrast for a bright pop of color or use more subdued colors for a subtle color shift effect. You can even add in more than just two colors if you're feeling ambitious (great for stash-busting)!

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Cairo claimed the finished cowl instantly and has given it his stamp of approval.  ^_^

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