Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Green Camel Gathering 2016

 This past weekend (March 4-6, 2016) I had the pleasure of getting to finally attend my first Green Camel Gathering in Tyler, MN at the Danebod Folk School. This was the 9th year that the Green Camel has been held and it was wonderful!! The gathering lasted from 4 PM on Friday until 4 PM on Sunday and was full of fiber-y fun. Everyone was super nice and was just there to enjoy themselves and relax which made for a great atmosphere.

There was so much going on everywhere and since I am kinda nosey when it comes to crafting, I didn't really sit very often because I was so busy talking with everyone and trying to see what they were doing. This also means that I took a bunch of pictures so today's post will be a photo journal of the weekend. I loved meeting everyone and I made some wonderful new friends this year.

 I can't wait for next year's gathering, and I hope to see you all there for 2017!!  ^_^

The super adorable room that Katie and I shared over the weekend.

The main spinning/crafting room

Katie and I were super entertained with the bust of Abe Lincoln in a toga.

And there was also George Washington.

Katie spun up some green camel/silk fiber in honor of the gathering.

Ann showing off her flip-flop socks that Wendy (aka: Kathy-Not-Her-Real-Name) made for her in about 2 seconds.

Amy taught an amazing Nalbinding class on Saturday morning (I'll have a more detailed post on this later).

I taught my Basic Brioche Class Saturday afternoon.

Annikki did an impromptu magic crochet potholder demo for anyone interested.

Johanna did cording and tablet weaving demos throughout the weekend.

Sandy had multiple weaving looms that she was proud to show and explain to anyone.

Johanna gave Charlotte an intro to Tablet Weaving.

Charlotte's first Tablet Weaving up close.

Ann and Wendy hanging out and chatting after dinner one night.

I was able to get a bit of spinning in over the weekend.

Marty finished her handspun Never Not Knitting MKAL shawl.

I finally started spinning my neon Lambs Tail from Frabjous Fibers.

Lots of spinning happened this weekend. It was beautiful to hear all the wheels whirring along.

Carla finished her beautiful Entrelac Tunisian Crochet fingerless gloves.

Keri brought her amazing Celesial that she began at last year's Green Camel.

Rheba, Sheri, and Celeste shut down the Camel this year.

Thanks to Katie for sharing some of her pics with me for this post and for catching me in action at my wheel!

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